The Facility

'Floating' Floor

3000 sqft. Foam Floor has a carpet top and is built on top of foam springs to help improve performance and ease joint discomfort (hip, knee & ankle) by distributing pressure and providing a light bounce of resistance. 

The 'Rec' Room 

Our Rec Room is full of fitness & fun and home to our

-Spin Bikes 

-Free Weight 


-Rowers and more 

Members have access to use our facility during all open hours and open gym Sundays, 2-5 p.m. 

Members Area

The facility has private men and women's locker room fully equipped with 5+ showers, stalls, changing rooms, and more. 

Our 'playroom' overlooks the main floor and is full of fun for all ages! 

Wellness Rooms

Private Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy rooms to help you unwind, relax, and recover. 

3823 Guess Rd, Ste G. 

Durham, NC 27705

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