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Welcome to the BodyGames Team

BodyGames is a community movement for families that provides safe and comprehensive knowledge of health programs by bridging the gap between fitness, rehab, and wellness. We seek for every individual to become 


Our Story

"As father and son, we have been working together as professionals on family, friends, and clients over the past 10 years. We noticed that there was a large gap between fitness and rehab that needed to be addressed for the long-term physical, health, and well-being of all people. It has always been our dream and mission to eventually work together under one roof and serve our community. The BodyGames Center fuels our passion for bridging the gap between fitness, rehab, and wellness for the long term health and movement of people." 


-DJ & Dr. Derick Coe (Founders of BodyGames)


Our Schedule

Every workout is 50 minutes & we never do the same workout twice. 

Our Community Workouts

-Mon/Wed/Fri : Total Body Strength 

-Tues/Thur/Sat : Conditiong 

Every Tuesday & Thursday we RIDE!! 

-20 Minutes of Spin is included during each work-out


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